Selective Coating Systems:

Selective coating machine I-Jet:

EPSYS I-JET for flexible and precise coating:

  • Short programming times
  • Precise, height-independent coating application

The EPSYS I-Jet system was developed for a very precise and flexible protective coating of electronic assemblies. It combines great flexibility, short programming times and high precision. The safe and easy-to-learn operation enables the introduction of the coating process in many productions.

The basis of this system is the new innovative jetting module. In this process, the coating material is metered onto the assembly via the nozzle with low pressure (low pressure jetting).

Selective dip-coating system I-Coat:

EPSYS I-COAT for fast and accurate coating:

  • Optimized changeover times
  • Short cycle times

With the selective dip-coating system I-Coat, electronics can be coated easily, precisely and quickly. The patented system immerses the module with a programmable angle and speed in a process-safe manner in the protective lacquer bath. With the appropriate diving template, plugs, pots, buttons, displays and other components are safely left out. Splashes, spray mist and blurred contours are excluded.